Netcage. Organic Salmon-Production, Shetlands 2011 Spotted Babylon (Babylonia areolata), Vietnam 2010 Community based algae-farming, Zanzibar 2010 Mud-Crabs (Scylla serrata), Vietnam 2010 Ponds at Tropo Farms, Ghana 2006

Certification & Conversion Consulting

Today, in many cases the certification of an aquaculture business is a necessary prerequisite for a successful marketing of aquaculture products. There are hundreds of different labels available, both organic labels and labels for sustainable aquaculture. You have to choose! Aquatic Blue is able to help you with your decision because of our practical and long-lasting experience we have gained in the field of organic aquaculture. Recently, with our support a Pangasius-producing company from Vietnam has been successfully certified according to the EU organic regulation. Also, regarding the certification of sustainable aquaculture, we have gained some success. Due to our consultation by the end of 2012 several companies obtained the highly demanded ASC certificate.

Karpfenteich, Deutschland Naturland EU Ökologische Landwirtschaft
Aquaculture Stewartship Council Global Good Agricultural Practice

Aquatic Blue is offering competent advice, help and support before, during and after certification, no matter if it is an organic- or a sustainability certification and regardless if your company is based in Germany, Europe or any other part of the world. We are particularly specialised in the Naturland and EU organic certification schemes as well as in the sustainability certificates of the ASC and GlobalG.A.P.

In detail, our services include:

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