Netcage. Organic Salmon-Production, Shetlands 2011 Spotted Babylon (Babylonia areolata), Vietnam 2010 Community based algae-farming, Zanzibar 2010 Mud-Crabs (Scylla serrata), Vietnam 2010 Ponds at Tropo Farms, Ghana 2006

Marketing and Product Sourcing

Aquatic Blue offers support when searching for new, innovative, high-quality, sustainable or organic seafood products of any kind.
Regardles wether it concerns Pangasius or Pomfret from Southeast Asia, Tilapia or Catfish from Africa, Cobia or Shrimps from South America, Barramundi from Australia, Sablefish from North America, or Pike Perch and Sturgeon from Europe - based on our long lasting international relationships and contacts we are glad to help you expanding your product portfolio according to your ideas and wishes.

Spotted Babylonia (Babylonia areolata), Vietnam Different seafood products, Boston Seafood Show 2011
Selection of seafood products, market stall in Stone Town, Zanzibar 2010 Selection of dried fish, Cantral Market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2010

Together with you we will consider, which products in which quality will be suited best for your demands. In close cooperation we will develop new marketing strategies and we will support you during the process of product placement and the dissemination of information regarding your products.

In detail our services comprise:

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